Ocular Ultrasound

Ocular Ultrasound

B-scan ultrasonography is an imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves that can be used instead of light to create an image of the retina and the surrounding structures. It is a non-invasive diagnostic test we use to examine the eyeball when we cannot see into the back of the eye. For example, if the view to the back of the eye is obstructed by a dense cataract, the ultrasound is utilized to get an image of the back of the eye to evaluate for pathology.

This is the same technique used to view an image of a baby for an expectant mother. It is painless and in no way dangerous to the eye. A small amount of water-based gel will be applied to your eyelid and a small probe will be placed over the eye. The probe sends the ultrasound waves to the area of interest. During the test, the physician and/or technician may ask you to move your eye position to get different ultrasound angles. You should continue to keep your eyes closed throughout the test. The technician will remove the gel from your eye or eyes when the test is finished.

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